10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Mothers Without Marriage – [Photos)

At least, that was the case for these celebrities, many of whom till this moment are still unmarried. But you know what? There’s no rush. As a society there is supposed to be an order in which everybody lives their life: love, marriage, children…‘Read full article’

But for these 10 women, that simply wasn’t the case. The children came BEFORE the marriage…‘Read full article’

Are you ready to see all the women on our list today? Alright then without further ado, here are 10 Nigerian celebrities who became mothers before marriage.

1. Ada Ameh


Nollywood actress Ada Ameh who is popular for her comedic roles over the years had a baby when she was only the young age of 14. At the time as you can imagine, her father couldn’t believe it. She was kicked out and left to fend for herself, but was later brought back.

All these years later upon reflecting about it, Ada Ameh sat down with the Sun Magazine and said:

“I can never regret having my child. God forbid! The truth is that the ways of God are so different from the ways of man.

“Just imagine me at this age and I am not married and don’t have a child. I am not saying marriage is the ultimate but we both know what I am talking about.

“I am a feminist but I am not that type that would not love to have a man. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that there should be no man. If you are Christian you should know that submitting yourself to your man doesn’t make you a fool. It doesn’t mean I don’t have my own mind.”

2. Linda Ikeji

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Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, surprised the world when she announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy in 2018. In an extensive writeup on her blog, she discussed the many thoughts that went flying through her head when she found out.

Ultimately though, she says that she is happy being a single mother and that her son Jayce is her biggest joy in life.

3. Genevive Nnaji


Genevieve Nnaji at the age of 17 got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji. Genevieve made it a point to, and did a good job of, keeping her daughter’s life private. Till this day, we don’t know too much about Theodora. All we know is that she is now married and she owns her own makeup business.
Genevieve herself is yet to be married and has expressed her reasoning for being single all these years later:

4. Lola Rae


In May of 2018, Lola Rae welcomed her daughter, Skye Yaa Amaka Kelechi, into the world – a daughter she had with boyfriend, Tekno.

The news of the baby surprised the internet who at the time weren’t even too sure if the two musicians were actually a couple.
Lola Rae is still very much single though and there’s been no news or announcement of any wedding in the near future.

5. Sandra Okagbue


In 2018, it was announced that Flavour and girlfriend at the time Sandra Okagbue had welcomed a son together.

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Despite the news and people thinking that this would be the push that sends Flavour into wedded life, that didn’t come out from this relationship and both ended up not getting married to each other.

6. Emma Nyra


In August of 2018, Emma Nyra took to social media to share the announcement of the birth of her twin children.

The singer said:

“On Aug. 11 early hours of 2 a.m, after 36 hours of labour, I gave birth to two beautiful children Alexandria and Alexandre. The babies and I are doing well by God’s grace.

I have never been so inspired and full of love as I am today. With style and full force, you have entered this world and forever impacted my destiny.”

The babies are now about 2 years old.

7. Waje

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When Nigerian singer, Waje, was 17 years old she got a pregnant with a daughter. That child’s name is Emerald and she is now 20 years old.

At the earlier stages of Waje’s career, she made it a point not to showcase her daughter on social media, but then as time continued to pass, the Nigerian singer got more comfortable and has since shown of her child not only in her social media, but even in her music videos.

Waje is still single and searching for the right one.

8. Lizzy Gold


Lizzy Gold is a Nigerian actress and model. The young actress is a single mother of two children from the same baby daddy.

After the birth of her sons, there were rumors insinuating that the baby daddy of the boys was a married man. Lizzy has since come out to clear the air saying that her babies’ father is in fact a single man and that she’s not a homewrecker.

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9. Maheeda


Maheeda is a woman who had her child before her man came. She says that when her husband met her, she and her daughter were struggling and he came in, fell in love with her, and took her and her daughter as his, and has since protected them.

She is one woman who had a child before marriage but is no longer single and now happily married.

10. Grace Ameh


Grace Ameh was a prominent actress that dominated the Nollywood scene for a number of years. However, after some time, the big-name actress suddenly disappeared from the screens and it was come to be revealed that it was because she had a son out of wedlock.

Her baby daddy is a UK-based Nigerian with another family. In an interview, she said that her parents were shocked at the news and couldn’t believe that she would have a child out of wedlock.

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