Heartbreaking Photos Of Family Of 7 Who Died After They Were Choked To Death By Generator Fume Inside Their Room – [Photos]

Generator fumes has killed a man, his wife and all his 3 children in Ipoyewa community of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The bodies of the family was discovered by neighbours last Friday October 12th in their home. All five suffocated to death after inhaling fumes from a generator which they’d kept in their room…‘Read full article’

According to neighbours, the man bought the generator just two days before the unfortunate incident and was afraid it will be stolen if left outside so he kept it inside his 2-room apartment…‘Read full article’

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When the family failed to come out late Friday morning, a neighbour peeped through their window, saw bodies, and alerted others.

They broke down the door to discover the horror. And when I say horror, I mean horror. The photos are really graphic so please be warned.

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Residents of the community are blaming the family’s deaths on lack of power in the area. They claim the last time they had light was 3 years ago, that every house in the area uses a generator.

They said they have called on the government many times to help them with light but their efforts have yielded no fruit.

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