“I Want More Children”: Man Marries 2 Blood Sisters, Shows Off His Family Of 12 – [VIDEO]

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a man identified as Desire Cipimo married two sisters and has a large family of 12.

Cipimo and his polygamous family live together happily, with his eldest child being 32 years old and the youngest, two.

Why Desire married two sisters?

When interviewed, the polygamous man told Afrimax English that he married his first wife named Goreth and their union produced two kids.

Unfortunately, the second child died on his birthday and after waiting for almost 12 years for another addition to the family, Desire told Goreth that he would take a second wife.

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Afrimax narrator said Desire went back to his first wife’s family and informed them that he wants to take her sibling as a second wife.

After some deliberations, they consented and he married her. Desire’s second wife produced nine kids.

Goreth says she didn’t advise Desire to take a second wife

Speaking with Afrimax, Goreth stated that she holds no grudge against her sister and that they all live happily. She said her husband married a second wife in order to get more kids.

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“My husband wanted more and more children. That is why he took that difficult decision of bringing a second wife so that he will have more children, which later worked out.”

When asked if she was the one that advised the man to marry a second wife, Goreth said she would never advise the man to do such.

The name of the second wife wasn’t given. Desire’s wives work at a mine site to assist him in catering for the large family.

Watch the video below…

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