Jobs for Unskilled Immigrants of Canada: learn how to apply

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Do you want to immigrate to Canada? You may not realize it, but there are many ways that you can move to Canada and become a citizen even if you don’t have any work experience or academic background in your field.

With a lot of jobs out now that do not really require experience in a certain field; instead, it requires availability and man-power but pay really great.

Some unskilled jobs are now open, and the Canadian government wants more people to fill these jobs, particularly immigrants from overseas who can fill this skill gap.

Here’s how to apply for unskilled immigration jobs in Canada, what you can expect on the job, and other important information about living in Canada as an immigrant who lacks specific experience in their field of choice.

People Qualified As Immigrants
Your visa will depend on whether you’re a skilled worker or an unskilled worker. If you fall into that latter category, then you’ll be looking at either a working holiday or a temporary foreign worker visa. To apply, you need to find an employer who’s willing to hire a foreigner through these programs(they are stated out on the employer’s job advert that they’ll do this). Be aware that finding work can be challenging as many employers prefer hiring Canadians first.

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Once you have your employer, they will help you make sure your application is complete and any other required documentation is prepared. Then, it will be time for them to send off your application so that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) can review it.

Requirements To Immigrate To Canada And Get Unskilled Worker Jobs
To immigrate as an immigrant you must;

be at least 18 years old
have a clean criminal record
have no communicable diseases
have no debt problems or financial troubles with your government
not be dependent on drugs or alcohol.
Once you’ve checked all of these points off your list then you are almost ready to start your process. You must also show that you can support yourself financially until obtaining Canadian citizenship (which is about four years after arrival), and most importantly prove that you can speak English or French fluently! So if these basic requirements to work as an unskilled worker in Canada aren’t an issue for you, it is time to register as an immigrant.

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The Process After Being Approved – The Wait
The application process isn’t as straightforward as it is for other skilled positions; immigrants to Canada can take anywhere from 2-to 10 years before being granted approval.

But don’t let that dissuade you, many foreigners still see immigrating to Canada as a worthwhile effort, especially if you have no previous work experience.

If your visa is approved and you decide to move forward with immigration, you can expect it will take time, possibly several years before getting settled into your new life.

Top Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners
Truck drivers, cleaners, housekeepers, laborers, and farmers. These are just a few of many jobs that do not require experience. According to Stats Canada, almost 44% of all jobs available are considered entry-level and don’t require any previous experience.

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If you have never worked before or if you want a career change, it may be possible for you to find an unskilled job in Canada. In fact, many foreigners are already working across several different sectors within these industries. Some people choose jobs like truck drivers because they will be able to travel around without having prior driving experience; another reason might be that these positions don’t ask applicants about their educational background or what they studied while they were still living abroad.

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