‘Life Has Been Hard For Me Since Mercy Johnson Snatch My Husband’ – Former Wife Of Mercy Johnson’s Husband Speaks About Her Life [Photo]

Lovely Okojie acknowledged that she had no reason for her actions, but that “life is full of ups and downs,” and that she had accepted her fate…‘Read full article’

Lovely said that her kids are OK and that she is struggling well when questioned about them…‘Read full article’

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When the interviewer asked if Odianosen had been contributing to the children’s upkeep, Lovely responded angrily:

“What do you mean? That is my past. Don’t ask me questions about my past. I don’t want to relate to my past. I don’t know what you are talking about,” and the phone went off.

According to Encomium source, which is close to the ex-wife’s family, Lovely is still very bitter about what occurred to her marriage and felt cheated.

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“She is not thinking of another marriage now, she is yet to recover from the experience.”

It would be recalled that Lovely raised the alarm in 2011 that the man Mercy Johnson was intending to marry her legal husband.

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When everything seemed to be prepared for the big day, Lovely dropped the bombshell with pictures of her marriage to Okojie to back up her claim.

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