List Of African Countries With The Most Fat And Potbelly Police Officers

Some African Countries With The Most Fat And Potbelly Police Officers can be accessed below…

In 2019 Nigerians raised concern over police officers growing pot bellies

✍️This was when the Nigeria Police Force shared photos of some senior police officers who were promoted to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGs), on social media.

✍️In 2012 then Uganda 🇺🇬 Inspector of police warned that Obese Police Officers Won’t Get Promoted. The Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, gave a six months ultimatum to police officers with potbellies to trim them, lest they miss out on likely promotions.

✍️ In 2010 the South African 🇿🇦 Police deputy minister, Fikile Mbalula threatened that the obessed police would have “to shape up or ship out”.

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“Some police officers decide to balloon immediately after leaving the training college. They should not be busy massaging beer bellies when criminals are on the run. They must work on their weight,” he said.

“Are you fit enough to fight the criminals? If not, the police service is not for you,” We need officers who can match criminals pound for pound,” he added.

✍️In 2022 , United Republic of Tanzania 🇹🇿 President Orders Police Officers With Big Bellies To Undergo Fresh Training.

Suluhu made the order during the conclusion of the training of officers in Boma Kichaka Miba, in Tanga.

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She said she was unimpressed with the way long-serving police officers with pot bellies marched. Said Suluhu:

I’ve been observing you at the parade, those leading the march are veteran officers and some of them have big bellies.

I have seen the big bellies. I believe we should not have officers with big bellies.

They should come back here (for training) so that they can be light and effectively execute their duties.

✍️ In 2018 , Akwasi Odike a Ghanian 🇬🇭 politician said Pot belly and big buttocks’ among Police personnel is a ‘challenge’ to crime prevention .

When I examine the physic of police officers today , I struggle to believe how that officer can chase and make arrest of a serious armed robber , he contemplated.

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The males have pot belly while the female officers too has big buttocks which they can not run with, Mr Odike said..

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