MP Joins Others In Calling For Cancellation Of Census Enumerators Selection


Chama North Member of Parliament, Yotam Mtayachalo, has joined those calling on government to cancel the selection of Enumerators for the 2022 Census exercise on allegations of corruption and nepotism.

Mtayachalo adds that in order to promote transparency and accountability, government should have assigned independent officers from other districts to supervise the exercise.

Earlier, Golden Party of Zambia President, Jackson Silavwe, had challenged government to cancel what he termed as the chaotic census recruitment process following the general outcry from citizens.

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Silavwe stated that the alleged corrupt happenings in the census recruitment process portrays the United Party for National Development-UPND in bad light as a ruling party is incapable of fighting its own corruption.

Mtayachalo notes that there has been wide spread complaints from people in some districts over unfair selection as some individuals who allegedly failed or did not sit for aptitude tests were picked.

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The law maker points out that in Luangwa Ward of his Constituency, all 15 youths who attended aptitude tests and passed well were all left out, while in Chisunga ward, only one was selected out of 25 who attended the test despite passing with high marks.

Mtayachalo says parents in these wards have vowed not to allow enumerators from other areas to conduct the census exercise in their localities because their children have been left out without justification.

He remarks that it is surprising that the government which was elected on the basis of fighting corruption is mute over the matter and has not taken a position.

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