Top 12 Richest Nollywood Actresses, 2022 – [Photos]

You must have been wanting to know who the richest female actress in Nigeria is, there is a lot of concern why the female Nollywood thespian are much more wealthy than male actors…‘Read full article’

The fact that we have a lot of women doing well in the Nigerian movie industry doesn’t give the room to insult them as the majority of Nigerians now see the actress as prostitutes in the industry but that isn’t the case…‘Read full article’

Many things come to play as far as the Nigerian movie industry is concerned, never forget that every male viewer loves to watch young and beautiful elegant actress on their TV screen, we have a lot of actress in the industry than actors.

Looking at it from the female angle, most ladies also love to watch females doing great in the industry while some are only watching to learn how to act, how to look beautiful, how to tease and so on which also draws them closer to the female actress, mind you that doesn’t mean they are not interested in watching the male actors as of what use is a movie without men in it?

Aside from that, we need to know that the male counterparts which are also doing exceptionally great in the movie industry have families to cater for, their income even before they get a role already has families waiting to spend from it hence the little savings they were able to make

For the thespians in Nollywood majority of them are married or single and for someone with a responsible husband what else do you expect? she definitely will have much more savings and this will enable her to invest in her own project even more than a male Nollywood actor will.

We also need to know that nature has it that way to always favor women because naturally, we see it as our responsibility to make things easy for them.

Though not disputing that there are those actresses that pay with their body to get a role but that shouldn’t stand as a base to generalize and qualify each one of them to be involved in such, as we have the hardworking ones that are so legit.

Mind you, that is just to clarify that notion that all Nigerian actress are into a kind of intimacy with movie producers or directors. Now let us dive into the topic of the day which is the top ten richest female actress in Nigeria.

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Below is the list of the richest female actress in Nollywood currently;

1. Rita Dominic – Net Worth N950 Million

ritadominic 112 1

Rita Dominic has been known for decades in the Nigerian movie space, she has been a source of inspiration to upcoming actresses and also one of the most talented actress Nollywood could ever boast of.

Rita Uchenna Dominic is a pretty lady with class, she is an A-list actress and has featured in over 200 Nollywood movies. She tops the list of the richest female actress in Nollywood with a net worth of 950 million Naira.

2. Genevive Nnaji – Net Worth N850 Million 

genevievennaji 1

Genevieve is the 2nd richest female actress in Nollywood as of the time this article was compiled, she is known to be a very beautiful and smart actress. Genevieve Nnaji has been in the movie industry for decades and still waxing strong.

Aside from being one of the most successful Nollywood actress she has also had endorsement deals with top brands like Etisalat, Jumia and many more.

3. Mercy Johnson – Net Worth N600 Million

Mercy Johnson 191 1

You will agree with me that Mercy Johnson Okojie should be among the top list of the richest Nollywood actress even without being told one must once have thought of that.

She is a wonderful and loving actress, very talented and also beautiful, having a sexy body has won her a lot of roles in Nollywood and she has achieved whatever achievement the Nigerian movie industry could ever offer.

She is an award-winning actress, an A-list actress and also has gotten a lot of endorsement deals from big brands in Nigeria.

4. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Net Worth N550 Million

One of the most beautiful and most talented Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde a.k.a “Omo Sexy” is one of the richest Nollywood actress in Nigeria presently.

She has been in the Nigerian movie industry for decades and has been very consistent. Omotola Jalade is a multi-award winner, one of the most sought after by top brands in Nigeria.

She is married to Capt. Matthew Ekeinde a pilot, though she has been a wealthy woman from the start of her career but having a pilot husband will definitely be an addition.

5. Funke Akindele – Net Worth N510 Million

funke akindele jennifa 1

Another big wig in the Nigerian movie industry, one of the most successful, most sought after, most loved and also one of the most beautiful actress in Nigeria Funke Akindel a.k.a Jenifa.

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She has been in the movie industry for quite some time and has won the heart of most Nigerians, she is the producer of “Jenifa’s Diary” the biggest Nigerian comedy series and currently the richest Yoruba actress in Nigeria, Funke Akindele net worth is estimated to be around 510 million Naira.

6. Ini Edo – Net Worth N450 Million

ini edo 1

Who doesn’t like to watch Ini Edo in movies? She is a talented star that has always been celebrated, one of Nollywood’s best and also among the highest-paid Nollywood actress.When talking about Nollywood then you definitely must mention this beautiful lady that knows her eggs well.

Ini Edo is a veteran in Nollywood and still remains one of the prettiest Nollywood actress, she is well-to-do as she owns a mansion in Lekki which worth around 50 million and a G-wagon which goes for 30 million Naira.

7. Clarion Chukwura – Net Worth N400 Million

clarion chukwurah 1

Here comes one of the best actress in Nollywood, she is an award-winning actress and a veteran thespian. Clarion Chukwura is the mother of popular filmmaker and video director Clarence Peters, she is also the wife of popular Afro-Juju musician and Bishop Sir Shina Peters of which Clarence Peters is their son.

8. Daniella Okeke – Net Worth N390 Million

Daniella Okeke 1

Daniella Okeke is another Nigerian female actress that has been at the top of her game, currently one of the most successful actresses in Nigeria. She is not that famous but you should be aware that she is a movie producer and the CEO of DCOVI Entertainment.

Daniella Okeke has featured in many top Nollywood movies and this has helped her to proliferate in wealth. She has been able to make herself comfortable owning a house in Lekki and a fleet of cars.

9. Patience Ozokwor – Net Worth N390 Million

patienceozokwo 1

Patience Ozokwor is one of the best actress in Nigeria, she is a veteran actress and a very talented one at that, Patience Ozokwor fits in any role and is also very good in comics, her talent has no bounds. Never forget that the A-list actress Patience Ozokwor is also one of the most beautiful actresses in Nigeria.

For a person of her age, her beauty is still intact and never for once diminish. She has been in the movie industry for decades and has done well for herself. Aside from that Patience Ozokwor a.k.a “Mama G” has been the choice of big brands in the country as she has been the brand ambassador of countless of Nigerian top brands.

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10. Mary Remmy Njoku – Net Worth N380 Million

maryremmynjoku 1 1

Mary Njoku is not that popular in Nollywood but the fact that she is married to the founder and CEO of iROKING Music Jason Njoku has made her pitch her tent among the richest Nollywood female actress. Uche Jumbo is a known figure in Nigeria and this must have been opening doors for his wife.

Mary Remmy Njoku’s worth over 370 million Naira and her wealth streams mostly from her being the CEO of ROK studios which is a movie producing company.

11. Uche Jumbo – Net Worth N370 Million

uchejombo 1 1

Another wonderful actress in the Nigerian movie industry that made it on the list of the richest female actress in Nigeria is Uche Jombo. She is a talented and attractive woman that have invested her time and money in the Nigerian movie industry.

She has featured and starred in numerous movies and still rocking at the top. Recently, Uche Jombo got married to her Mexican husband.

Uche Jombo is a movie producer with a lot of awards on her shelf, she is also a brand ambassador for Nigeria biggest indigenous telecommunication company Glo.

12. Adesua Etomi-Wellington – Net Worth N200 Million

Adesua Etomi 122 1

You shouldn’t be surprised to see Banky W wife on the list of the wealthiest female actress in Nigeria, she is known to be a very hard-working lady and she has featured in many blockbuster movies which are on the biggest streaming platform Netflix.

Adesua Etomi is a talented actress and also rated as the most beautiful actress in Nigeria. Now tell me, who doesn’t like to see a beautiful actress in a movie? This coupled with her talent has been the main reason why she is one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood.

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